Iratowns, a band from Alabama.

Clicks and Whistles BW.jpg

A Series of Clicks and Whistles

by Iratowns

Dan Campbell - violin, guitar, mandolin, euphonium, vocals.
Sid Crigler - drums, percussion, vocals.
John Dent - bass guitar, moog, guitar, vocals.
Jack Hemby - lead vocals, guitar, sitar.
Brian Lewis - piano, Hammond M-3, synthesizers, vocals.

Recorded at Euphoria Sound Studios, Revere, MA, August 1997 and Harmony Studio, New Market, AL, December 1997 and January 1998.
Engineered by Sean McGough and Jason Maddox.
Produced by John Dent, Sean McGough, and Iratowns.
Mixed by Sean McGough at Harmony Studio, New Market, AL, February 1998.
Mastered and manufactured by Jeff Everett at Moontown Disc, Huntsville, AL.
CD Design by Stephen Baumgartner

All tracks composed by Iratowns except (2) composed by Dan Campbell and (8) traditional, arranged by Iratowns.

Special Thanks To:
Friends, families, loved ones.  Jason "Pan" Maddox, Bill Gravies and Harmony Studio, Sean McGough, Euphoria Studios, Jeff Everett, Mike Hooks, Mike Douglas, Charlie Sanderson, Wes Wilkes, Carlos Maddox, Jeff Woods, Dr. Rush E Elkins, III., Patrick Lunceford, Scott Haselden, Joel Gamble, Josh Summerville, Jack Settle, Jamie Barker, Chip Clements, Marty Hagood, John Cole, Joe Perry, Day By the River, and Law of Nature.

Very Special Thanks To:
Charles Lindsay, James Dent, Herb Lewis, and Rev. Ira Joel Towns.